Riverside, Emerald City.   We love our fare city, and would like it to see it reach its full potential. Not just told illusional promises of politicians that leave us high and dry.  We look toward Bell, San Bernardino, San Jacinto, Banning, Maywood and the Inland Empire.  The community is starting to ask the questions of why our cities have no money, and we are learning and finding the real answers.  Unfortunately, the decisions that have been made have raped the coffers which have been filled by the sweat of Riversidian’s.  These monies which belong to the benefit of taxpayers, ultimately been abused by a few.  TMC will continue to ask the questions to keep those we elect and appoint in the position of government power to do the right thing withing the thirty mile boundaries of redevelopment.

  1. Robert says:

    “fare city”?

    • Julio Marroquin says:

      Hi: I’m a member of ICUC, this organization is made up of about 50 congregations in the Inland Empire. We a campaign on bank accountability. Can any one from this organization contact us and see if we can put together our efforts on this campaign. Basically we are trying to see if the City of Riverside will be willing to move the money to banks or community credit unions. Please get in touch wit me. My details will be left below. In solidarity, Julio Marroquin

    • Lisa Chow says:

      I think it was a perfect word, since the fare’s to live here have gone up!

  2. I USED to live in the Emerald City. Now I’m back in Kansas (actually Eastvale). I USED to LOVE living in Riverside. That is, until they started siccing their Traffic Control Gestapo on me and my neighbors every day the street sweeper crawled by.

    The street sweeper swept our clean streets clean for 20 years without Traffic Control. Now Traffic Control prowls behind waiting to lunge if a citizen BREAKS THE LAW because they forgot what day it was. I took it upon my self to alert my neighbors whenever possible. Then, just before I moved, THEY FINALLY GOT ME! I forgot to move my car.

    So, I have no regrets moving. Riverside WAS a fine city. Now it has turned in to a FINE city.

  3. Travis Voluch. says:

    The City of Riverside is involved in extorting money from the its citizen to boost about its 4.4 million excess budget. Now 2.2 million has been spent by the city Manager as his discretionary fund. The code enforcement has been insturcted to fine Citizens of the city upto $1oo, ooo in cod eviolations and later put liens on the Property. Auction their property if the People do not pay the amount.

  4. Travis Voluch. says:

    Primos Greg seems to be hiding behind his Law credentials and does not play by the rule. Karen Wright was publically humiliated and only People who bought Primos Apology were 8, & council memebers and 1 Mayor.
    His drinking buddy Scott Barber the city Manager seems to be in full support of his actions. City Manager has used $2.4 million from his discretionary fund. Guess who is paying for the Lavish life Style of these officials. The Citizen of City of Riverside. The Code enforcement in the name of doing their job is citing people with code violations. The fines are jacked up to $100K and than the property is Liened and sold at an auction. Is this Really Happening in USA,The worlds Largest democracy. Even the Media is scared of publishing how many court cases are pending against the city of Riverside and its tyrannt rulers. We deserve better

  5. chuck mahatadse says:

    Elect me, Chuck Mahatadse for ward 6 city council.

  6. Riverside was a fine city before started the street sweeping ticketing extortion. Now it’s just a FINE city.

  7. Geri says:

    parks department needs $?. Steve Early will be retiring at $280k a year. He will get $100K in excessive vacation and sick leave payouts. double dipping is a scheme to rip off the taxpayers of Riverside. Does he really need to make over $500K to handle the ambulance contracts?

  8. Victor says:

    My wife got hurt at work. I parked in the hadicapped zone for a few minutes so that I could bring her out of the office and take her to the hospital. Traffic control was told by another employee that I was bring my wife out and taking her to the hospital and that they could go and see for themselves. They ignored and issued citation. Ended up going to a hearing and and ticket was overturned. Its all about money these days. Greed Greed and more Greed. How much was spent on letters responses and hearing?

  9. Sally Papoff says:

    Why the disgusting motto? President Obama has nothing to do with the corruption of the city of Riverside. I agree with most of your posts. I would like very much to support what you are trying to accomplish. Heaven knows someone has to stop this. It’s been going on to long.

    I have had it with hateful republicans blaming every damn thing on the President. Change the banner and give me a call.

    • thirtymiles says:

      Thanks Sally for you comment. Were you referring to the “Give Obama back his bonds!” motto. Well, this is relevant, because the City of Riverside received stimulus monies in the form of Build America Bonds also known as Obama Bonds, which we believe were misused for unintended purposes, other than what they were issued for. Therefore, we were asking the City to give Obama back his money, actually our money.

  10. Sally Papoff says:

    Yes, I was referring to the”Give Obama back his bonds” . I understand why you want the money returned. Our city is famous for misusing money on the wrong project, IE the sewer funds, never spent on actual sewers or the “water project” in the last election, that had nothing to do with water.

    The banner is still objectionable to me. It sounds like a tea partier gone bezerk. The funds were issued in good faith. It’s not the President’s fault they are being misused.

    Now, for returning the funds and holding the proper scoundrels accountable, I’m definitely with you on that!

    • thirtymiles says:

      This is not a Republican, Democrat or Tea Party issue. This is an issue of all citizens. Obama provided the stimulus package to help communities get out of their current economic state. The city of Riverside used those bonds for floating cash to the general fund and loaning to RDA. They didn’t put anybody back to work. The photograph is important because the statement we were trying to make in 2012 was that if the stimulus monies were not used for their intended purpose, it should be given back to be reused for the proper purpose it was intended. This photograph has been up since 2012.

  11. Marilyn Whitney says:

    Now That six families in a two block area of the contamination have cancer will you admit you lied to us All you better than us city and government of Riverside. Have talked till I am blue but it didn’t make the cancer go away or the contamination of the soil we eat everyday while they build Jurupa Ave. When the people who move the dirt get cancer or breathing problems then will you do something more

  12. Gary says:

    This is what is going on in San Bernardino County.

    • Fred Fustercake says:

      Nothing worse than a person of color judging another person of color oh but wait? what if ? That is a Microsoft calandar app !!! that yes included ALL holidays …
      You’ve just created fear and BS that is not needed. And in my judgement makes you a conspiracy kook . You’ve lost all credibility. you seem to thrive on being a wanna be Matt Drudge

  13. gina says:

    Can u do a artical on our child prptective sevices located in riverside ca ? they are currupted and need seriouse help i mean serious help and as soon as possible they are going around and taking peoples children for ridiulas and ludicris reasons not what they should be doing it for they need stopped retrained fired they need overhaul.

  14. Concerned Citizen says:

    RPU employees… supervisors & customer service lead… all receiving SHARE benefits. How? SHARE is a low income assistance program with funding that is partially donated by other RPU customers. How would a supervisor making over $80k a year qualify for low income assistance?? Well when you’re the supervisor that oversees those assistance programs and you’re friends with said supervisor that’s how! Shameful especially when customers making minimum wage can’t even qualify!!

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