Posted: August 30, 2021 in Uncategorized

You don’t need an article to see what is going on here, a classic case of stress aging! Is it all about September 14, 2021?  Skin Analysis Coming Soon on His Five Months of Aging!

  1. pattyverwiel says:

    VOTE NO ON THE RECALL!!! Governor Newsom led the state through a global pandemic, record wildfires fueled by climate change and two years with trump in the White House. He is working every day against difficult odds to keep our families safe, distribute vaccines, protect families from eviction and provide billions in direct relief to individuals and struggling small businesses. , He has earned the trust of Californians and deserves our support. Anyone who is unhappy with his performance can vote in one year for his replacement. In the meantime, he has my full support. VOTE NO on the recall!

    • Nicholas Savala says:

      Newsom is in darkness and denial. His ideas and beliefs on how a state should be run has been detrimental and devastating to the people, businesses and economy of California. If one looked at how he destroyed San Francisco it should have given you a clue that he would do the same to our state of California. Vote yes on his recall ☝️

    • Andrea U says:

      Are you serious? Gavin done NOTHING, but send his kids to school and eat with friends at the French Laundry Restaurant.
      That’s a big YES on the recall. Screw Gavin.

  2. Not only should one vote yes on the recall, but Newsome and his aunt Pelosi have used their allies in big pharma, big tech, and China to lie about affordable remedies for COV-19. While your families were locked down and bankrupted, they kept their wineries opened and dined with no masks. So vote yes on the recall, vote Larry Elder over the other shills(like this putz above my post)& stay tuned, because criminal negligence still has penalties, and willful negligence has even worse ones. You’re Americans, start acting like it, respect yourselves, ditch the masks, and ditch the lock down fear(false education appearing real). 30 Miles of Corruption, keep up the outstanding work. Your years of service are noted, and appreciated!

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