Posted: May 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

bal-ap-afghanistan20101027145015mm copy

U.S. Air Force para rescuemen ride in the back of their medivac helicopter with the American flag-draped bodies of U.S. soldiers who were killed in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. The Para rescuemen and pilots from the 46th and 26th Expeditionary Rescue Squadrons responded to the attack which killed two American soldiers and wounded three others.

Today we remember individual liberty, we mourn the loss of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, with that in mind, we celebrate their memory, as we would our forefathers, for their efforts and their plight to maintain the individual freedoms that we have.  But freedom has a cost, as we see in those flag draped bodies, it is not free, in order to maintain this, it is our duty as American citizens to have oversight upon those who represent us.

Our Forefathers were called criminals, treasonist.  In my eyes, the word has been changed to domestic terrorist, for believing we should even deserve the inalienable right to determine our own destiny, in other words, to be free.  These acts of treason and the 1776 domestic terrorism revolution have resulted in what is know as the United States of America.  Be proud to be free, you live it, you benefit from the blood of the fallen, it is your duty to ensure that we are free.  For those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, your death is not in vain, it will always be significant to the common core, which is the United States of America.

THANK-YOU! TMC GIVES THANKS TO YOU!  But I’m sad to say that it appears that our country has lost it way, somehow, and has failed to provide the proper healthcare for those who deserve our care for the service they’ve given us.  Absolutely unacceptable.


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