I been thinking about this investigation quite a bit, and continue with the thought of just what were they thinking?  Was this a conspired smear campaign, a power play to remove a colleague who may have become a political advisery?  Their plan, it appeared, simply begain to unraveled at the seams unveiling a vile, putrid decay of the very fabric of our democratic system.  Mayor Bailey and Councilman Adams relayed to Soubirous on April 1, 2014, that four City of Riverside employees filed under the Whistleblower’s Protection Act with complaints against him that he violated Riverside City Charter Chapter 407, thereby creating a Hostile Work Environment, what was said to him never occurred.  At the July 22nd Councilman Soubirous hearing, Councilman Paul Davis admitted Brown Act violations in which are council were involved.

In the Hostile Work Environment Guide, whats important to note is that the conduct or behavior must be pervasive and constitute a pattern rather than consist of one or two isolated incidents.  This pattern must include discrimination in the work place based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, sex or color.  I didn’t see incompetence listed here. Whats also interesting is that this specialized high priced Law firm of  Gumport Mastan, either didn’t know what the legal definition of “Hostile Work Environment” was, or they knew and were going to take advantage of City Manager Scott Barber, Chief Sergio Diaz, Mayor Rusty Bailey and Councilmember Steve Adams and RIP-OFF the City of Riverside for approx $100,000.00.   How embarrasing that Barber,Diaz, Bailey and Adams thought this investigation would be in the best interest of the public.  Who was advising these people!  Oh yea I forgot Greg Priamos. Did Greg know the legal definition of Hostile Work Environment?  Well I guess it was a good thing that Priamos left for new job with the County, he is that much closer to the County Jail.  In retrospect, are they all really that DUMB, INCOMPETENT, and/or CORRUPT?

According to Seattle Business Magazine, misapplying “hostile” increases unfounded legal claims and tension and strained relationships between employers and employees and/or between coworkers, while misunderstanding “hostile” causes management to mishandle such allegations.

Section 407. Interference in administrative service.  Neither the Mayor nor the City Council nor any of its members shall interfere with the execution by the City Manager of his/her powers and duties, or order, directly or indirectly, the appointment by the City Manager or by any of the department heads in the administrative service of the City, of any person to an office or employment or their removal therefrom. Except for purpose of inquiry, the Mayor, the City Council and its members shall deal with the administrative service under the City Manager solely through the City Manager and neither the Mayor nor the City Council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinates of the City Manager, either publicly or  privately. (Effective 12/27/1995).

Since they are “Whistleblower’s”, I would have imagined Federal Complaints would be in order.  No such Federal filing according to records ever occurred.  The four employees would have been RPOA President Brian Smith, RPOA Vice President Aurelio Melendrez, Chief of Police Sergio Diaz and City Manager Scott Barber.  It would appear that the conspirators whittled the four filers to two since the true investigation only reveals two employees; Barber and Diaz, with Smith and Melendrez as “witnesses.”  Barber made an indirect claim of a hostile work environment based on the witness testimony of third party information which, came directly from his meeting with Union President Brian Smith.  He then crafted his letter and sent it to Mayor Bailey and Councilman Adams, of course, CC’d (Carbon Copy) City Attorney Gregory Priamos (AKA: The Architect).  Remarkably, his letter stated that what was said between Smith and Soubirous created a hostile work environment for himself, he even admits what he has written is derived “third hand”, or AKA third party information.  I guess you can always count on third party information to make a tight case.

 ComplaintBarber1     ComplaintBarber22


Not once, did our City Manager Scott Barber find it necessary to contact Councilman Soubirous to corroborate RPOA President (and RPD Sergeant-hoping to be Lieutenant) Brian Smith’s side of the story.  This I find quite extraordinary!  Isn’t Barber a conflict manager specialist?  Or was this class just not offered in a Thespian Major?  They didn’t even file their complaint according to the rules they evidently uphold (Charter Chapter 202-Code of Ethics and Conduct).

section202 warrow


Did they perceive themselves as entitled, for the rules of law?  Did they think the rules of law didn’t apply to them?  They certainly apply to everyone else!  Section 202 describes that a complaint form should be used and filed with the City Clerk!  That certainly didn’t happen.

In a secondary act of incredible noteworthy importance, the Chief of Police in his letter did the exact same thing as City Manager Scott Barber.  He based his complaint on RPOA Union President and RPD Sergeant’s Brian Smith’s personal account of his meeting with Councilman Mike Soubirous, that fateful Valentine’s Day of 2014.

ComplaintDiaz1          ComplaintDiaz2


Again, an indirect claim of a hostile work environment was made, this time by the Chief.  We have to ask the question if Soubirous was being set up as part of orchestrated smear campaign?  We know there was growing tension between Soubirous and his relationship with City Manager Scott Barber and the Chief of Police Sergio Diaz.  Diaz in fact, threatened Soubirous political career.  Diaz stating in an email that it is “politically unwise to declare war on your cops.”   This is a guy who Soubirous loaned his truck out to on several occasions!  Also  Council Candidate John Brandriff, had filed a complaint against the chief  in  which his complaint was “founded”Diaz had told Brandriff at a West Side Story showing at the Fox Theater said the following:  “If you have anymore political aspirations don’t make an enemy out of me”.  This is a Chief who makes more than a half a million a year, $247 from his LAPD pension and $307 from his current salary as RPD Chief. Thinking he can manipulate the political fabric of our city.



RPOA President Brian Smith emailed me to tell me how I may have spun the actual fact, that I need to investigate before making a statement on the blog. So when RPOA Brian Smith sent TMC this email:


We asked RPOA President Brian Smith to clear up some questions simply because of his tag line, that he felt our post was a “interesting spin.” (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE).


With that we asked our email to respond to the original Cop Play Book. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE).  I did attempt to clarify through Seargent Smith himself but he never emailed me back.  So I did take his advice and did a little investigation of my own.  What I also found quite peculiar was RPD Sergeant and RPOA President Brian Smith’s interrelationships and affiliations with reference to CorporateWiki.Com   The connection between Cliff Mason and Chris (Christopher) Lanzillo.



Now, former RPOA President Sgt. Cliff Mason was implicated in illegal sale of revolvers to former City Manager Brad Hudson and Assistant City Manager Thomas DeSantis while a RPD officer with the City of Riverside.  At the time Lanzillo was president, Brian Smith was Vice President, and Aurelio Melendrez (Councilman Andy Melendrez’s son) was Secretary.  According to Chief Sergio Diaz, Lanzillo was fired for doing some “pretty bad things.”   Those bad things were never elaborated upon.  We are still attempting to find what these really “bad things” are.  But he did come back to sue the taxpayers with the law firm he later worked for, Lackie, Dammeier & McGill.  His job was reinstated with RPD and shortly thereafter retired on a medical disability.  Shortly thereafter, started his own investigation company in Orange County and did some investigatory work for this law firm.  We asked the question is Lanzillo committed insurance fraud as a result of his miracle recovery?  The law firm was later the brunt of a DA investigation, which ultimately led to their dissolution.

When Chris Lanzillo was President of the RPOA, Brian Smith was Vice President and Aurelio Melendrez was Secretary, was the cop play book in effect back then?  The Police Union have in the past employed a law firm, Lackie,Dammeier & McGill, and a member of that law firm- former RPD Officer and RPOA Union President Chris Lanzillo who, according to numerous reports chronicled in the Orange County Register, tailed Cost Mesa Councilman Jim Righeimer falsely claiming he was drunk.  He had a receipt for consuming his diet cokes at a meeting at a local bar in his possession.  We now must look at the person behind the incident, former RPOA President and former RPD Detective Chris Lanzillo, and if he still is in contact with current RPOA President Brian Smith?

Former RPOA President & former RPD Detective Chris Lanzillo

The Cop Play Book was a list of strategic tactics designed and crafted by the law firm of  Lackie, Dammeier, McGill & Ethir, for cops and their unions in order to get what they want on the negotiating table.  The full play book is listed below with some excerpts.  The Playbook was quickly removed from the law firms web site when the cow pies began fly; not to mention Chris Lanzillo’s name was also removed from their web site as a working associate when the press exposed their underbelly.

            copplaybook1    copplaybook2   copplaybook3    copplaybook4


Accordingly, with reference to the first page above, “associations leaders know, association leaders should be selective in their battles.” We also know that Aurelio Melendrez, Vice President of the Riverside Police Officer’s Association has referred to their RPOA as an “Organization.”

Always keep this in mind.  The public could care less about your pay, medical coverage and pension plan (really?), All they want to know is “what is in it for them?”  Again, how arrogant, deceiving and elitist of a statement this is, of course the taxpayer cares of the cost, they are paying for it!  Isn’t this the reason for the majority of municipal bankruptcy’s? Unsustainable pensions?

The Association should be like a quiet giant in the position of, “do as I ask and don’t piss me off.”  Again I ask RPOA President Brian Smith, is this a formula to create better politics, or “piss poor politics?”

“You should be in very close contact with your associations attorney, during these times to ensure you are not going to get yourself or any of your members in trouble.”   I would say they are referring to the law firm of Lackie, Dammeier, McGill & Ethir.  The demise of this law firm and their criminal activity can be read in the article by OC Watchdog, “Bare-knuckle police defense gets knocked out.”    Further, part of the law firms criminal activity was that they used GPS, in the form of attaching electronic devices illegally in order to track city officials!

No City Council or Governing Board should take place where members of your association and the public aren’t present publicly chastasing them for their lack of concern for public safety.  Do we not see this in the City of Riverside because they deal and prevent this issue from being public in closed sessions?  Every City Council meeting Riverside has in closed sessions deals with negotiating  with Union Representatives!

Blunders by the City Manager, Mayor, or City Council members of wasteful spending should be highlighted and pointed out to the public at every opportunity.

…as a pressure tactic, tactic seeking petition to file a referendum on eliminating the City Manager’s position for a full time elected Mayor may cause the City Manager to rethink his or hers position.

Focus on a City Manager, Councilperson, Mayor or Chief of Police and keep the pressure up until that person assures you his loyalty and then move on to the next victim.  Sounds familiar?

Of course, other ideas that cops come up with a very imaginative.  Just keep in mind, the idea is to show the decision makers that the public favors public safety and it will only harm their public support by not prioritizing you and almost equally important, to let them know that next time that they should agree with you much sooner.  Sounds familiar?  Sound to me as another strong-arm tactic possibly utilized to attain an objective.  Is this in the best interest of the taxpayer?  Or is the taxpayer being shaked down?

“Are Police Unions crossing the line while bullying public officials?” as in this news story.  How effective was play book for former Upland Law Firm Lackie, Dammeier & McGill as in this news story “How Police Play Hardball At The Bargaining Table”.   Was the play book a soft illegal tool implemented in order to creatively “shake-down” or “strong-arm” political targets, in order to make them a bit more pliable?


On the KFI 640, radio host John and Ken interview Councilman Jim Righeimer about the incident, the original 911 call by Chris Lanzillo is also played on this show.  It’s worth listening to.  Righeimer is being set up by police officer and Chris Lanzillo.  Lanzillo is driving a white Kia with no license plates while following Righeimer.  Also noted was that he was illegally on the phone while driving, while making a false 911 call.



Councilman Jim Righeimer claims that the base pay that is indicated for police officers as well as fire fighters within the city is not the actual pay.  For example if their base pay states $65K, it can actually be $135K, because their are actually 75 different ways to pay a public employee, not to mention pension, and may not even include healthcare!  What they are saying is that the actual average pay per officer is actually $135K, but what you see or talked about is the base pay of $65K.  Righeimer states that this was the main reason he was targeted, because he exposed to the taxpayer how much public employees really make.  TMC is investigating this aspect within the City of Riverside.

On September 9, 2012 the Orange County DA subpoenaed video from the Costa Mesa bar, where Lanzillo says Councilman Righeimer was drunk.  According to a KTLA report, Lanzillo stated that Councilman Righeimer stumbled out of the bar and was swirving all over the road in 911 call.  According to the video, it showed that he was not.  The police officer who went to Councilman Righeimer’s home, found he was not drunk, and found he had only drank two diet cokes.  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher became involved, and a Federal investigation ensued.  Currently, Righeimer is suing the Costa Mesa Police Union over the DUI sting fiasco.  In what was called a “very sophisticated conspiracy” by Righeimer’s attorney, Vince Finaldi, the use of GPS tracking devices utilized just takes this whole episode to the next level.  Bad enough, that the FBI is involved.

Councilman Jim Righeimer


A very similar incident occurred with Buena Park Councilman Fred Smith in this Orange County Register story.

Jack Wu of the Daily Pilot brought this coveted point, if Lanzillo was getting paid to investigate and watch someone else, then stop and waste precious time following Councilman Righeimer whom he thought was drunk.  Wouldn’t you want your money back and question if there was some sort of attention deficit associated with his medical disability? 

In an article by Lauren Williams of the Daily Pilot, The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LLPPL) issued a statement critical of Upland based law firm Lackie, Dammeier & McGill and criticized the Costa Mesa Police Association (A Police Union).  They said that “Hardball Tactics”, or what I would say “Intimidation Tactics” can erode the publics trust.  Residents in communities trust and the need the police to protect and serve.  When these types of incidents occurr, the citizens see the police as a seperate entity, whereby the residents health and safety become at risk, and they to become intimidated by uncertaintity of who’s benefit the police really serve.   The LLPPL have a long and proven  record of working with city officials to ensure that public safety comes first.  It’s now left to the Fed’s to investigate the activities of this law firm and respond to the public with their conclusions.

Is the power of the badge being used to “bully” and/or being used in “enforcer type tactics” for police unions against elected officials?  Have police unions and law firms taken their activities to a different level that will become a red flag for the Feds?  An article by Steven Frank of California News and Views has this to say about that subject.

What I’m getting from some of these reports is very disturbing.  Have Police Unions become so powerful that they are somehow controlling certain political scenarios?  This would definitely not benefit the taxpayer, but the very few in union membership.  And by doing so, becomes a public health and safety issue.  So now you have a police union, an attorney law firm with a police background, and possibly toss in some outside police officers working together in unison using the grey areas of the law to terrorize and shake down individuals in city government.  Then decisions and contracts are then negotiated under these “circumstances.”  Others in elected positions are also saying that the law firm harasses by threatening grand jury investigations.

Well if anybody knows, you can file a grand jury investigation against just about anything, you are harassed by the fact that you have to deal with it.  Sounds like a good tactic as others say in the business, a “client control” strategy.  Taking it a step further, is this part of the reason why California has unsustainable union contracts, is going bankrupt, and/or the reason why these contracts cannot be fulfilled or honored?  Then the question would be, were some of these contracts not negotiated in the best interest of the taxpayer due to ulterior motives?  Something to think about, this is what movies are made out of..  And this is one scenario I would like to see played out on the wide screen.


Let me see if I’ve got this straight…A Riverside detective named Chris Lanzillo gets fired…then is called back so that he can be retired early on a medical disability…which qualifies him to recieve his pay in large part tax free for the rest of his life.  BUT…he’s not so disabled that he can’t work as a private investigator for a law firm that represents cops and cop unions…and shall we say…suuplement his retirement pay……Is that absurd or what!  He’s a bad cop who’s now a crook…and we got to pay his freight for the rest of his life!  – John Bosch, Commenter on the Orange County Register

Chris Lanzillo made #15 of Orange County Weekly’s Scariest People of 2012!  According to OC Weekly, Lanzillo proved the adage that once an asshole cop, always an asshole cop.


But in this pic it appears he (Lanzillo, to the right) is drinking his ass off…

We also ask the question if City Hall elites have a play book, to get what they want?  Reviewing, could this have been a concerted avenue utilized by Adams (Ex-RPD), Bailey, Smith, Aurelio and Diaz to destroy a political opponent?  Could this have been a set-up, as Councilman Righeimer felt, as in his case?

According to a PE article you stated that the investigation on Soubirous was “incomplete” rather than “inconclusive.”, since Soubirous refused to let Gumport interview him.  But it seems that Smith has forgotten that Soubirous was told April 1, 2014 that he would never know the identities of those who complained against him, that there were four and accused him of interfering with employee duties and causing a hostile work environment.  According to the Fourteenth Amendment, was Soubirious being deprived of his right of “due process?”  With this in mind, the case lacks creadance, therefore having documentation of all correspondence would be in order.  Soubirous did just that, he declined to be interviewed, instead provided written answers to questions.  After all we found out later that the interview process contained no audio recording or corresponding notes.  This already appears as a set-up when you don’t know who the accusers are, and not allowed to respond appropriately by questioning them.  Incidently, Smith supported Soubirous when he ran for Supervisor and had close ties to the Soubirous family.  What made this campaign different for RPOA?  Did the order come from the City?

Smith said he would have nothing to gain by making up a story about what Soubirous said. “As a law enforcement officer, if I am proven to be less than credible, that’s potentially career-ending,” he said.  But does he?  Does the Cop Play Book tell a different story?


Are the actions of the seven responsible for this embarrassing political train wreck?


The wife and I have lived at this address for 42 years…we have had outstanding council reps, Arden Anderson, Rosanna Scott, Frank Schiavone, Paul Davis and now Mike Soubirous.  The unfounded “complaints” lodged against Councilman Soubirous are a joke. Apparently our City Manager and Chief Diaz got their bowels in a uproar over statement{s} made by the police union president or whatever title he hold/held. What a waste of tax payers money for lawyer fees. The approx. $98.000.00 would have bought alot of books for the libraries.  We support Councilman Soubirous 110% against these complaints or whatever you want to call them. Same goes for the investigation of Paul Davis too…Suck it Up Boys…get over it and save the City of Riverside taxpayers money for good causes not mickey-mouse charges.  –  Gordon Williams, Commenter on the PE 
Smith met with Soubirous one time alone and Soubirious met with one time with Aurelio Melendrez. You would think that if Smith felt there was any inclination of inappropriateness by Soubirous, he would attempt to record the moment or bring along a second party (which he claims are in RPOA’s “policy”).   He did not.  In fact he supported Soubirous for County Supervisor, even then giving him a campaign check.



Chief Sergio Diaz also supported Soubirious by giving him a $500.00 personal check.  Smith, Diaz and Soubirous were friends.  Soubirous even loaned his truck out (several times) to Chief Diaz.  So what happened?  Was it that he couldn’t be bought?  He asked the questions he shouldn’t have asked?

Does Melendrez appears to conceive that RPD is an independent “organization” as stated at City Council?  An organization (or organisation) is an entity, such as an institution or an association, that has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment.  Has Riverside’s finest lost there way?  Concerned citizens and local community groups in Riverside agree that changes need to be made.  The Riverside Police Department cannot be part of as an independent external entity, it cannot be effective distancing themselves from the community, they must be part of the community.

Aurelio made it very clear that there “organization” should be autonomous..  I don’t know what world he is living in, but the residents of Riverside pay his salary and all of those in RPD. If he would like to be in control of his own organization, he should try to privatize it and start up his own armed security company, otherwise it gives the impression of a rogue organization.  A police force which has no transparency or accountability!  Why would someone think this was anything but open, honest and transparent?  The residents, the taxpayers, pay a lot of money for their salaries and pensions, and they come back and treat us in a condescending manner?  That’s unacceptable! It’s apparent that RPOA only cares about their members, the members of their “organization,”  as opposed to the taxpayer who pays their salaries, who they are there to protect and serve..or are they really self serving?  I ask this because the question arises as to where their loyalty lies?  Is it an attempt to separate law enforcement from their responsibilities and loyalties to the community residents? We may attempt to say yes, only by their actions.. Actions speak louder than words.

Mr. Smith, do the majority of RPD officers believe in what you are doing? If so, the taxpayers best interest is not at heart and we have a conflict and a question of loyalty. Your oath should state that.  To breach that would cause a health and safety issue with the taxpayers, that you’ve taken an oath to protect and serve.  Would you hold the taxpayer hostage to the wishes of your organization?  This would be a cause of breaching your contract with the taxpayer.  We as taxpayers asked RPOA to replace the cost of this kangaroo investigation.  We asked the amount to be replaced to the General Fund.  We ask that you resign as well as Aurelio Melendrez, or be fired.  This the community of Riverside ask, in the hopes they will not be retaliated against, we know we will.

Regardless, I would like RPOA President Brian Smith to chime in on this.. especially placing his Chief as a “deity” or “god like”.  That statement just seemed off the beaten track.  It is also easy to use big words and threats on the taxpayer, with the taxpayers own money.  Should this be acceptable to the tax payer or criminal? I say this because we then attempt to arise to a different level of reasoning. Those who work for us and take an oath to protect and serve, those who pay for their services, can actually take a different route..a route that doesn’t include the taxpayer.  Therefore what do we have as a police force?  We have a double dipping Chief of Police who was approximately two years late with his Strategic Plan… Again I say it, he was not qualified!   And as a citizen and taxpayer, I should’t be threatened by the Chief of Police nor any citizen/resident in Riverside.  Why does he do this?  What is necessary and hasn’t been done is to investigate Chief Diaz’s background.  If we would have investigated former City Manager Brad Hudson’s background, we would find that he had a criminal background…credit card fraud.  While Mayor Bailey stated that Hudson was a “moral compass” we dispute that..   He did have a criminal past!   The Hudson legacy gave us City Manager Scott Barber and Chief Sergio Diaz.  Two of the four instigators of this Valentines Day Blunder.  Not to mention, Hudson gave us his greatest gift to the residents, $4 billion in unpaid debt. Ask why you are seeing increases in sewer rates and mandatory water conservation, where we own our own water.  We see that this was one issue all can agree on even Smith regarding former City Manager Brad Hudson.  Smith states, “I think Scott’s done a great job for the city considering the bucket of shit he was left with Brad (Hudson) and Tom (DeSantis) and half the City Council that there’s now left him with it.” (pg.20 Smith Investigation, pg. 46 Investigative Report).



When Smith commented on this investigation at City Council on June 17th, he hadn’t known that Soubirous actually responded in writing to questions.  The current investigation as it stands was not good enough for Smith at the Jully 22nd, who calls the investigation “incomplete” and would like the DA to get involved.  When a group of conspirators decide that the accused, should not know who is accusing him, or have and information of what the detail charges are. Why would anyone agree to a oral interview?   The law firm didn’t even tape the interviews or had written notes!  Good thing Soubirous didn’t agree to that, and rightfully so.  The law firm could not be trusted, where’s the due process?  The Chief and RPOA should know better, especially the Fourteenth Amendment.  Maybe they don’t know, or maybe they don’t care about the people’s rights?

But it didn’t stop there, Smith claimed in his unsworn testimony that Soubirous wanted a meeting via his phone text. This was unverifiable by Smith, since he states he doesn’t keep his text messages, he deletes all of them.  Unknowingly, Soubirous kept his, and those text contradicted Smith’s testimony. The truth of the matter is that Smith called for a meeting. (pg.7 Smith Interview, pg. 33 of investigational report).

TEXTBRIAN     textone     texttwo     textthree    textfour     textfive

Smith in the interview states Soubirous texted him to set up a meeting, Soubirous personal text show contradicts Smith’s statement. (CLICK ABOVE IMAGES TO ENLARGE).

Why didn’t Smith file a complaint on Soubirous, and was only a witness?  This investigation seems quite remarkable, after all, he created the allegations. In fact,  it was all about Sergeant Brian Smith.  Was he up for a promotion to lieutenant?  What hat was he wearing?  RPOA President or RPD Officer Sergeant Brian Smith?  He was definitely wearing RPOA President hat, and this was not the first time.  The question is what made this meeting different?

We also ask the question of why the suggestion of armed security guards were in order for La Sierra Park? Soubirous originally asked Chief Sergio Diaz about the issue of utilizing RPD officers to patrol at the February 11th, City Council meeting.  Diaz never responded to the question, but instead disrespected Councilman Soubirous and even tried (actually succeeded) to get the audience to laugh at the question at Soubirious expense.  Scott Barber seemed to have to come up with a plan if in fact Diaz refused to comply.  Was armed security the alternative as a result of Diaz’s ego?  RPOA President Brian Smith was in favor of 3 million bucks in overtime money for his “troops.”  Of course this would never happen in the private sector, overtime that is, that is a no-no.  Why couldn’t we utilize that money for hiring new officers at the base salaries? It therefore must be a perk.  But with Diaz claiming there was not enough officers to handle the panhandlers, this seem to be the only viable option left for Soubirous to suggest as a way to fix the problem.

Was Valerie Hill recruited as Ward 3 candidate to run against Soubirous because of her commitment to RPD issues over the taxpayer?  Was Soubirous not chosen because of his position on (he was against) Measure A?  Cindy Roth, of the Greater Riverside Chamber thought so.  Now that we have Measure A, we still apparently have a problem with a shortage of RPD officers, hum… Roth still needed to receive her city taxpayer handouts for her non-profit “laundering” activity.  When will these welfare groups ever do the right thing?  The bottom line is that Soubirous rubbed two RPD officers egos the wrong way, and a conspiratorial retaliation ensued. We saw it first hand, some residents have seen this first hand but have remained intimidated and or quiet.

Smith accuses Soubirous of calling his guys “lazy” when it was Soubirous constituents who made that call. That would be Smith’s real employer, the taxpayer. (pg. 11 Smith Interview, pg.37 Investigative Report). Smith then wanted those emails and names, was he thinking of retaliation of those constituents?  It seems like Smith is parroting his boss, Sergio Diaz, who in his email to Soubirious stated to him that he (Soubirous) referred to RPD as “Lazy.”  Did Diaz make this up and his little boy Brian follows Daddy’s lead?  We need to ask the question of why the community does not contact RPD with their concerns.  I also don’t believe there is a direct contact number anymore, except for 911.



Why did Diaz avoid the issue of mental health training suggestions to help avoid officer-involved shootings when dealing with mentally disturbed or violent persons, when brought up by John Brandriff at a CPRC meeting?   Then he retaliated against him.. What kind of person with a badge and gun does a thing as this; without a badge, gun and power would someone actually attempt to do this?

According to Smith account in reference to Chief Diaz’s job being in jeopardy, he states that “Sergio Diaz is a “deity” in this City.”  “Other than the elected Sheriff of Riverside County, you are not going to remove Sergio Diaz without an uprising from the city and the citizens here and the employees that work for him.”  This according to his Smith’s interview.  Now remember non of these interviewees were legally sworn in to tell the truth, according to law.

1. a god or goddess
2. the state of being divine; godhead
3. the rank, status, or position of a god
4. the nature or character of God

I’m not sure where he gets this, but most of the community of Riverside sees otherwise.  Why Smith would support Diaz, against community feelings is a misnomer.  We ask the question to what is Smith’s MO?  Again, the taxpayers of Riverside would like to be reimbursed for the amount of $49K times 4, by RPOA, City Manager Scott Barber and Chief of Police Sergio Diaz for this conspiratorial debacle and attempting to trump are Democratic process!  Who are the real criminal masterminds?

Untitled-1                        sb                           DIAZ

character                                        whiner                                                      god

Just the fact that at one time Chris Lanzillo was President of RPOA running the show, makes we wonder as to their MO’s when it comes to taxpayer’s monies, and what they will do to ensure that they get it.

Another promotional piece by the PE. Not going to work Press Enterprise. RPD Chief Sergio Diaz is a liability to the city of Riverside. He has already been found guilty of using inappropriate and vulgar language toward Riverside resident John Brandriff. Where do I start. Diaz has had numerous unprovoked angry outbursts toward several residents with whom he disagrees. RPD Chief Sergio Diaz is a bad role model for the Riverside Police Department. Among the things that he has said to residents: grow some balls – it is politically unwise to get me upset – if you have any political ambitions in this town, you do not cross me – residents who live in their mothers basement, sitting in their underwear, eating cheeto’s – you should not be able to say anything – you are a disgrace …    Sergio Diaz refuses to attend RCPA Riverside Coalition for Police Accountability community meetings. Sergio Diaz refuses to accept any proposals from the city’s CPRC recommendations police commission. Sergio Diaz supports out-dated police policies that have cost Riverside taxpayers into the six digits due to lawsuits from residents who have been injured or killed by the Riverside police department.  Is this the kind of behavior that Riverside should have as a police chief ?  Let’s get a REAL police chief, preferably someone from within our own department.  No more LAPD transfers !!!    -Don Gallegos, commenter on the PE

The City of Riverside is rated #8 on their 2014 list of Cool Cities (CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW FORBES ARTICLE)
  1. You’ve got it right TMC. Diaz, Smith and Melendrez are punks. Used tools that were used to pry Soubirous off of the city council. It sure back-fired. City Mgr. Barber is not so smart after all.
    I’m sure that both Smith and Melendrez were promised promotions by Diaz for doing his bidding.
    The Riverside police department will do much better once these bozos are no longer with the department, or until we get a real police chief with real balls. Yes, I’m talking to you Sergio Diaz.

  2. airjackie says:

    To understand the current situation you need to look to how the game was played by the pros. Loveridge did his work behind closed doors. Hudson was totally in charge and ran a tight ship that you followed or removed and always spoke his mine. Chief of Police did as told by council and orders by Steve Adams. DA worked his magic to keep money and do favors. DA lost election, Hudson skipped out before his crimes were exposed and the Chief got caught DUI. Now Diaz said to have control of his department to clean up the image. Scott Barber the Code Enforcement wanted the City Manager job. The corrupt City Attorney ready to work with Bailey. Well the new team had a new Mayor to follow. Bailey has no idea what leadership is and is high on the title and power as all follow his orders. Barber does what he is told, Diaz no longer in charge and City Attorney makes law up and even sucks up to Bailey. Problems started and this crew is so stupid they expose themselves like the gang who can’t shoot straight. Crimes mounting and lies told. City Attorney working with DA Z on red lining and deals and favors. Well finally a team Gardener, Perry, Melendrez and Adams marching in step to King Bailey. McArthur trying to stay in the fine line after Bailey put him on notice. Now Mike won and Davis is not a player. It got to hot for City Attorney who called on county friends for a quick job to get out of Riverside as it seems Sterling case is hot and answers will now be demanded. DA Z in fighting for his career because of his crimes. What to do? Mike defends himself and Davis exposes the crimes done by the Council. Well now the State, Commission and likely the Feds will investigate Riverside. Now the big mistake was charging Davis with a crime that has to be heard in court. Then Davis admitted the Council violated the Brown Act twice. Yes there is action for violating the State law and the excuses wont work. More will be exposed and yes Riverside again with get national attention for the wrong reasons. Voters saw Bell and well elected the same type of people. Bailey is working on getting a full team by getting Davis and Mike out. I do feel bad for Melendrez because he did start out honest but the offers and favors got him on the team.


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