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I believe that today I can speak for most of the free world in saying that we are all French.  The reality of this terrible terrorist attack is that we witnessed something that can hit home if we ignore the geopolitical problems the world currently faces in the Middle East.

I certainly do not know where this is going, and we do have a different playing field than we had 40, 60, or even 100 years ago.  But then again I must consider that “history repeats itself,” in some form or another, and we must act to resolve this problem before it destroys us.

We need to have the stomach to separate the world we want to live in from the world we actually live in, and band together as a country, as well as a global community, in opposition to those who oppose freedom.  We must make the sacrifices needed to protect our way of life … otherwise our situation as I see it, won’t improve.  We cannot accept this as the new norm.  We must make changes such as discarding extreme political correctness as an acceptable view, in order to survive.  We must do that which is necessary to keep us safe and functioning as a thriving cultural and economic society.

This country, and indeed this world, at this moment cannot possibly be what our forefathers intended. I encourage everyone to comment..

My Thoughts and prayers are with Paris tonight…

Best, Javier Moreno

  1. From Desert Sun, this is not in Press Enterprise:

    Riverside wiretaps probably violated US law

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Prosecutors in the Los Angeles suburb responsible for a huge share of the nation’s wiretaps almost certainly violated federal law when they authorized widespread eavesdropping that police used to make more than 300 arrests and seize millions of dollars in cash and drugs throughout the USA.

    The violations could undermine the legality of as many as 738 wiretaps approved in Riverside County, Calif., since the middle of 2013, an investigation by USA TODAY and The Desert Sun, based on interviews and court records, has found. Prosecutors reported that those taps, often conducted by federal drug investigators, intercepted phone calls and text messages by more than 52,000 people.

    • Thanks JusticeLeague, I will also post link and story in next posting. Great intriguing article. This is something that the people of Riverside County need to know about, and it seems to answer a lot of questions being spurred through the rumor and conspiracy mill. Best, Javier Moreno

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