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Long lorry with white truck and trailer on highway against blue sky. See my other best vans collection.


  1. Kaptalizm says:

    You need to get your nomination papers in today to get on the ballot!

  2. Good luck Vivian! Love the pic of the Rusty’s Weinermobile. lol! We certainly don’t want another 4 more years of the corrupted weiner like Bailey.

  3. R.H. says:

    Wish you the best Vivian – we could so use you in Moreno Valley! I don’t understand why MVGORDIE.COM doesn’t report more on the internal dysfunction that occur within City Hall. That is where the corruption begins and will continue! And so much is tied to Tom DeSantis!! As a former City of Moreno Valley employee I have seen it all. Please tag MVGORDIE.COM on these blogs.

  4. Traci Paynter says:

    **Please forward to Vivian Moreno – who is going up for Mayor of Riverside – she is welcome to use any of my proof of City corruption and lack of protection for our family and lack of enforcement and duty – photos, emails, videos, logs, reports, and emails from City, Mayor’s Office etc.

    I know that you probably tire of me adding your email to the call center/sgt diaz/rpd/mayor/macauther and many other email addy’s…

    and I’m sorry about that – I know that the mayor and city HATE being exposed – they like wasting taxpayers money and misuse it for their own benefits.

    For 6 years I have complained about issues across the street from my home (9067 Cleveland, Riverside,92503 owned by Hal and Shuhua Hebert as well as other Chinese investors) who are somehow allowed by the City/Mayor/Code Enforcement to rent/lease a portion of their residential property out to farmers, Castellanos, who have disturbed our peace and safety. The traffic and noise of numerous individuals from morning to night, all employees have gate/property access, but more importantly – proven felon currently on probation, another DUI felon, and 1 sex offender and another possible sex offender.

    I have reported all to the City and RPD – and nothing has changed. Code Enforcement replies that as long as their paper work is in order they can do what they want – the RPD/Compliance Officer never replied back to the sex offender(s) that enter in and out of this property that is within 2 miles of 5 schools and a park.

    I reported an attempted hit and run to police with video proof – nothing – and the individual who did it, an associate of one of the Chinese renters, still comes and goes as he pleases.

    I have been more than a thorn in the side – they have even threaten to sue my due to my numerous complaints – but if they enforced the Muni and Civil Codes they are sworn to uphold, then I wouldn’t be sending in complaints. Business on this residential property should have been shut down long ago – but now the issues have worsened even more with known felons and sex offender(s) working on the property – ridiculous.

    What really set me off yesterday was an email reply from someone from Mayor’s Office (Cathy) insulting me and my family with a response that I need to contact Code Enforcement/City to resolved/complain about these issues – I HAVE BEEN FOR 6 YEARS!!!!! THAT’S THE REASON THE MAYOR AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS ARE RECEIVING THESE EMAILS!!! 6 YEARS – COMING UP ON 7!!! ISN’T ENOUGH ENOUGH???

    Hal Hebert and these investors have drained enough ‘income’ from this property and these issues have gone on long enough – the Castellanos have their own farming property in La Sierra, Riverside – so enough is enough. The Mayor and the City have the power to resolve these issues permanently, and to say otherwise is a lie. They surely had the power to investigate why these issues were not resolved – but did not even do that.

    I send emails every hour to these individuals because this activity disturbs my peace and safety every hour they are there (the Castellanos and employees) – the Mayor, MacAurther, “Cathy”, or any other city employee/official/cop would not tolerate this activity nuisance and sex offenders/felons on probation in and out of a house/property next door to them, would they? They have elite power and position to remove it for their safety. What makes my family and our home any different?

    We have no issues with farming – we are surrounded by Gless Ranch, Garcia Farms and numerous plant/tree nurseries – but all work respectfully and professional on commercial lots monitored by City and County – BUT NOT SO AT THIS RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY – there appears to be no accountability and no care or concern on the Mayor’s part, the City, or the RPD.

    Amazing – to resolve this would be to cease business conducted on this residential property after almost 7 years to cease immediately. Hasn’t this gone on long enough? Or does something serious have to happen before the Mayor, City, and RPD to finally take action.

    Again – Vivian Moreno can contact me for all I have, as well as media and advocate groups (especially to protect the children and families in my area)

    Traci Paynter

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