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It didn’t happen in the City of Riverside, but it happened across our Great Country!

  1. Dee Smith says:

    🇺🇸Let’s go for it! Organize, call your local representatives in DC. Everyday make the call! We kept the Ethics Committee
    calling two weeks ago!
    Call Paul Ryan
    Leave a message, let them know we do not want less benefits we want to keep what we have. (S.S. & Medi Care Nxt)
    They have no plan for replacement of ACA ( Obamacare )?😳
    Car insurance is the (((LAW))) our health is not?
    (((CALL))) everday help our democracy our freedom!!!
    (((202-225-3121))) everyday YOU will be heard!!!
    Let us stand united in our freedom for the love of our country and those who have fought for it.
    Dee 🇺🇸

  2. Paul Ryan disconnected his phone and fax numbers because the volume of calls he received was so high. People try to deliver signed petitions to him and his office turns him way. ACA’s “repeal” is the trojan horse for huge cuts for Medicare and Medicaid. No replacement plan expected. Ryan’s got higher ambitions. He wants to be president and doesn’t want to wait four years. The show West Wing won’t have anything on this bunch.

  3. JF says:

    I guess following and enforcing the law is a bad thing? We must control who enters this country. We cannot just have an open border and let anyone cross over the border.
    We do not know who these refugees are, where they really come from, and we should just let thousands enter this country?

    • Hameed Khalid Darweesh, an Iraqi citizen worked as a translator, guide and engineer for the US military in Iraq. I’ve had family and friends serve in Iraq who relied on Iraqis to help them and in some cases keep them alive. Any US vet who served in Iraq will view these brave Iraqis as their brothers and that’s something that Trump, Pence, Ryan, Bannon will never understand.having not served in defense of this country.The new Secretary of Defense does understand it and rumor has it, he’s furious with Trump for not being included in drafting the EO on the Muslim ban. He stood next to him in that presser and he was seething under his exterior.

      Hameed and others were threatened with death for their service to the US and when Hameed finally decided to immigrate to the US on a special visa, what met him at JFK was 17 hours handcuffed inside a small room before his release. The ACLU and other attorneys represented him in US District Court in Brooklyn. and got a temporary stay on part of the EO. It’s extremely offensive to those of us with loved ones who served in Iraq that he and potentially other Iraqi allies were treated like criminals instead of heroes. An Iraqi vet brought his son to JFK to protest Hameed’s treatment and handed off one of his Purple Hearts to an Iraqi family cleared by Custom/ part of giving thanks to the Iraqi citizens that helped keep him and his brothers and sisters serving in Iraq safe.

      Trump having opted for five deferrments from military service during the Vietnam War wouldn’t understand how critical these alliances were not just in Iraq but Afghanistan (and those there who assisted US troops are afraid they’ll be banned next) to keeping US soldiers alive on both fronts.

      To Hameed, I’d like to say I feel shame and am sorry at what he experienced. He should have been welcomed with open arms not handcuffed for hours like he was a criminal due to his religion and his nation of origin.

      We don’t have an “open border” certainly not for green cards (and lots of people with green cards were detained for hours in different airports) and not for refugees who so far haven’t harmed anyone in the US partly due to more stringent vetting than in European countries.. The countries on these lists aren’t responsible for deaths to citizens in our country. Terrorists including in 9-11 and San Bernardino had ties to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE and Egypt yet Trump has financial ties to three of these countries excluded from his ban. And others like Indonesia as well. If you remember terrorists tied to Indonesia killed many people of different nationalities in Bali a few years ago. But since Trump has financial interests in Indonesia, it didn’t make the list either.

      Following all the Fifth column accounts from the White House and all indications is that after they started coming from Muslims including military heroes, they are moving next to gays and lesbians via an EO that will be announced later this week. Once Sessions gets annointed to the AG position next step is to strip gays and lesbians of their civil rights. They can’t touch marriage until they have enough justices to overturn SCOTUS but they can go after everything else.

      —Captain Freedom

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