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The VIC awards are given to those “Very Important Citizens” that demonstrate outstanding involvement in the political process for all who live in the City of Riverside. These are citizens that are willing to take on the political process for the betterment of us all and dedicated to making the City of Riverside a quality city for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These are the people fighting the causes that are changing the process, future, and structure at City Hall.  Through the selfless effort of many, these people have made significant change in the fabric we all call home.  These are the people who make the effort to attend city council meetings on Tuesday and are not afraid to speak up.  They do it without a retirement package, paycheck, or a car allowance.


This year the award goes to Marilyn Whitney, for being one of the most influential citizens who has made change for the betterment of her community. In lieu of being called crazy and misinformed she kept the fight and shined the light on a housing development that would have been built on improperly cleaned, contaminated land. This development is called AG Park.

Marilyn has been instrumental in bringing the AG Park issue to City Council. Also, getting the media source KTLA involved and interested in the issues of AG Park. Marilyn last year was new to council meetings but has brought a lot to the table since then. She made sure that thee AG Park issue didn’t go away, in doing so, she changed helped change how the City of Riverside has done business with developer buddies such as Chuck Cox. During this year, Marilyn received a letter from Developer Chuck Cox’s lawyers to “Cease and Desist,” as to stop her first amendment right of free speech with reference to public comment at City Council. This was a back fireing blow to developer Mr. Cox., because later in the year the light of exposure brought to the forefront the true reality of this cover up.  Thsi was a someone has done someone wrong type scenario, and it came to light.

She created the AG Park Family, and exposed the misdoings of the Department of Toxic Substance Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), developer Chuck Cox and former scumbag Ward 7 Councilman Steve Adams. With her efforts, the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) Director Penny Newman took notice, then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took notice, now there are investigations being forwarded on the Congressional level.  The community of Riverside expects accountability for those individuals and entities involved, and we believe we will see it 2016.  From all of us at the TMC Family, we Congratulate and Thank-you, and simply say Well Done….