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Press Enterprise reports DeSantis hired back to Moreno Valley by Moreno Valley City Manager Henry Garcia to review Public Works via a contractual agreement. The City Council did not have to approve the contract, because Garcia authorized the money from his (slush) discretionary fund.  Henry Garcia stated, “There is no relation between what occurred in Riverside and Tom DeSantis’ talents, he has a very distinguished reputation for analysis in Riverside.”  Garcia contracted DeSantis three months ago, paying him $100 an hour for 140 hours of work.  As an independent contractor, hopefully Garcia 1099 him, and this can be found through the public records act.  Is Garcia drinking the Kool Aid when hiring DeSantis or was this part of his orchestrated schpeel?  Moreno Valley just brought Tom DeSantis up a notch by calling him “distinguished”, but then you must consider the source.  This is a similar to the accounting of Sacramento County Chairwoman Roberta MacGlashan, where she said officials don’t believe Riverside’s City Manager Brad Hudson ordered Riverside city contracts steered to friends.  Well, OK, but you are still required as a steward of the people to investigate.  Brad Hudson worked for the County of  Riverside, and when he departed to the City of Riverside, he not only brought over Belinda Graham from San Bernardino County, but brought DeSantis, Tina English, Deanna Lorsen, and later, the new kid on the block Emilio Ramirez all from Riverside County.  But is history repeating itself? Or does Moreno Valley fit the profile of the track record of the imcomperable Mr. DeSantis?  Has he been tagged as unhireable?  City Manager Henry Garcia left the City of Rialto as City Administrator in February of 2011.  Incidently, Joe Baca Jr. is Councilman for the City of Rialto, the son of  Congressman Joe Baca, who represents the 42nd District, of which the City of Rialto is a part of.  Get the picture?  Just recently, Tom DeSantis had applied for the position of Town Manager in Gilbert, Arizona, but raised red flags when his past service came into question.   Sources have indicated that he originally left the County of Riverside due to allegations of sexual harassment.  There has been similar indications of these allegations with the City of Riverside.  Then there is the coups d’état, the allegation of brandishing the firearm, and there is more, the badges, the holsters, the illegal gun purchases, the concealed weapons permits, the post-it notes documentation of public vehicle use and the illegal cold plate vehicle use, and of course, there is much, much, more….  What is it about this culture of corruption, that appears to turn the other ear to the constituents welfare?  DeSantis, the fall guy for City Manager Brad Hudson…….will he be the fall guy for City Manager Henry Garcia?  Then there was the sorted tale of Ex Moreno Valley City Manager Robert Gutierrez, who resigned in 2009 while facing seven misdemeanor charges involving sexual harassment. No matter how agregious the crime, you still get an enormous payout by the taxpayer! The filo dough is just about to seperate and unfold on this one. 

UPDATE: 06/29/2011: How closely tied is the City of Riverside and Moreno Valley?  Closer than you think…  Barry Foster, Moreno Valley’s Economic Development Director is the husband of Siobhan Foster, the City of Riverside’s Public Works Director.  Now Riverside’s Ex Assistant City Manager Tom DeSantis has been hired by the City of Moreno Valley to review Public Works.  Will Tom DeSantis now maintain an inter-city collaboration with Siobhan Foster concerning issues of Public Works?  Is Tom DeSantis even qualified to review Public Works?  Garcia, formerly city manager of Rialto, said he has known DeSantis more than 20 years since both were administrators in San Bernardino County. Is this close culture of networking responsible for the problems California is experiencing?  Is this all in the family? or just part of the family business?

UPDATE: 06/30/2011: Undisclosed sources are allegedly stating that Riverside’s Human Resource Director Rhonda Strout is the girlfriend of Moreno Valley City Manager Henry Garcia.   The close tie would have enabled Garcia to receive a true account and background check of Riverside’s Ex Assistant City Manager Tom DeSantis.