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Vivian Moreno confronts City Council on her prediction for the future of Riverside.

UPDATE: 04.25.2016: Budget Problems?… feeling good to be vindicated about ‘crying wolf’ over the budget for the past several years?  So why would this new City Manager Russo mention “perennial critics” who are “frightening folks” with the talk of bankruptcy?  But at the same time he is NOT providing any solutions aside from his straight across the board cut of 5% to every department…….so let’s roll the time clock back to the Tyisha Miller days of the police department…..does he realize that’s what got this city in trouble on that shooting?   I think he needs to be made aware that the rest of us were here and will be here after he leaves.



Good job on transferring your crew from Oakland to the sleepy Southern California town of Riverside.  Wow! how did you do it? You even brought your band down under?