Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

  1. Who the hell would marry him!!!!!!!!!

  2. Concerned Riversider says:

    Who would want to marry Leach? It would depend on which state the marriage would be in and if he is insisting on a pre-nup. He does have a golden retirement. Under the right circumstances I could envision marring the old geezer, having him make out a new will and buy a new life insurance policy. We already know he is a high risk guy. He smokes like a fiend, drinks like a fish, and does drugs to boot. He has a history of driving DUI. It could have a big payday for the right gal. Just have to hold you nose for awhile.

  3. Even with a bag over his head and no communication whatsoever I would find it hard to take that step. There is no money in the world worth being associated with him!!! Repulsive!!!

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